Blank Media Printing

For corporate clients and customers who require branding. We produce blank media CD or DVD with their corporate logos or colors.

We offer most of the commercial standard packaging options for CD or DVD products.

  • To make corporate CD-R, we do full color offset disc surface printing as per client design
  • As for corporate DVD recordable, DVD-R, DVD+R, we conduct full color, high resolution (300 dpi) offset disc label printing as per client design. Therefore, even the most delicate designs or photo grade artwork can be printed vividly onto the corporate discs
  • With our blank media printing service, we print in different color schemes. For example, full color, single color, silver color, gold color or even pantone colors
  • We can manufacture for corporate their own CDR or DVDR with their logos, corporate color and details printed on the blank media. As a result, it allows our clients to distribute information to clients, investors, media, business partners and the general public professionally
  • Corporate CD and DVD always offers excellent branding opportunities and marketing benefits to corporate clients
  • Our corporate blank disc printing clients are from various industries. For instance, medical and healthcare centers, recreational centers or hotels, marketing and advertising agencies, hotels, IT retail shops, software development companies, publishing and printing companies, private equity firms, financial institutions, banks, listed companies, and commercial businesses