Business referral incentive scheme

business referrals

Want to help your business friends and yourself via making business referral?

Do you have any friends or business associates who are currently looking for:

  • Ticket helpdesk cloud solutions to streamline their internal issue tracking and resolution, or communications with external customers.
  • Live chat website add-on program to empower their communications with local and global customers at no costs.
  • CD or DVD replication with high quality printing for their corporate projects or personal albums.


To do business referral, there is absolutely NO NEED to do any hard selling for us.

It is simple to do business referral, in 3 steps!


  1. Just give our contact, or below name card, to your friends or business associates, tell them that we probably can assist them. Encourage them to talk to us.
  2. Then you register them with us, give us their business cards or contact details, so we know you are the referrer.
  3. When we close deals, we will be happy to inform you and thank you with our tokens of appreciation.


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We always show appreciation to our referrers with attractive business referral incentive.


business referral incentive program

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