AI design templates: disc jacket and jewel case

PSD AI design template

Customers often ask us for design templates when they are to prepare for mass productions. We offer DVD, CD replication and related packaging printing services to our business clients and musician customers.   Very often our replication customers will need… Continue Reading

duplication vs replication

disc blank media - replication vs duplication

A lot of times customers are not clear about the difference between duplication vs replication. Many of them even think they are the same thing, giving same quality. In fact, they are referring to different processes and so different results on CD and DVD, in… Continue Reading

Customised PU leather box with hotstamping and emboss

pu leather box - puteri gunung ledang

Hotstamping and emboss on a PU leather box. This is a high value project which we have been in charge of.   It is a Blu-Ray high definition entertainment product for the Malaysian film “Puteri Gunung Ledang“.   While this… Continue Reading

CD and DVD replication for financial institutions in malaysia

cd dvd replication duplication

Banks, insurance companies and financial institutions in general are decent users of optical disc replication services.   They usually have a significant workforce scale, very often over different geographical locations. Reliable distribution of information, standard operating procedure (SOP), electronic files,… Continue Reading