General Purpose Ticket Helpdesk Solutions Explained

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Do you still think “helpdesk” is only for IT department, or technical support or engineering services?   Some businesses are not clear what other operations or departments of theirs can benefit from having ticket helpdesk solutions in their organizations.  … Continue Reading

FREE Ticket helpdesk cloud solution for non-profit organizations

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Help the Helpers – Free helpdesk solutions for non-profit organizations (NPO) We always highly appreciate the dedications and devotion of the non-profit organizations in helping out our society. We are now running a “Help the Helpers” campaign to provide them with ticket helpdesk cloud solutions totally FREE OF CHARGE… Continue Reading

Responsive design for ticket helpdesk solution – FAQ

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) or Knowledgebase is an optional feature in our ticket helpdesk solution.   Having said that, it is always encouraged to make use of its features to enable and promote user self-service. It basically is a library of common FAQ… Continue Reading

Responsive design for ticket helpdesk solution – Check Ticket Status

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With this function, users can check for their own ticket status quickly.   In order to enforce data security, ticket details will not be immediately available publicly.   Firstly, users can enter their email address, together with their unique ticket number, which is… Continue Reading

Responsive design for ticket helpdesk solution – Open New Ticket

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With this function, users can create a new ticket when they have questions, issues, enquiries or complaints.   Firstly, users should select the most relevant “Help Topic”. It will help to forward their tickets to the most relevant personnel in order to speed up resolutions.… Continue Reading

Responsive web of ticket helpdesk solution for mobile device

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As mobile devices being so popular and common for business users, we have made available a responsive web version of the online demo of our ticket helpdesk solution, specifically designed for mobile screens, namely smartphones and tablets.   With responsive web design,… Continue Reading

Ticket helpdesk brings high ROI

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For businesses which do not have any kind of helpdesk system in place, they often ask questions on potential ROI (return on investment). They sometimes are skeptical if such a helpdesk will improve their productivity at work. The answer is… Continue Reading