Why Customer-Ticket helpdesk runs on the cloud?

cloud or on-premise in 2 opposite arrows

Cloud computing has been hot cakes in recent years. It is getting more momentum in businesses worldwide. Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) have gained very strong foothold for businesses of all sizes simply because of flexibility, and cost efficiency.


Therefore, we often use the below to explain to our customers why we offer our helpdesk solution on the cloud, rather than as an on-premises solution.


on the cloud vs on-premise on 2 side of a swing

In our true belief, the benefits of running helpdesk on the cloud significantly outweigh running it on-premise.


Why On-the-Cloud, rather than On-Premise?

(1) Low startup costs

Running on the cloud often means NO capital investment since the hardware and software are all provided as a package by the cloud solution provider. It is therefore “ready-made” solutions, very often immediately available for any businesses or organizations.

(2) Predictable operating costs

No hardware investment also makes IT spending more predictable. Helpdesk subscribers pay only as operating expenses. It is pay per use, or per subscription. There will not be any unforeseen maintenance costs on server hardware, software, and network as they all shift over us. And we can generate economy of scale when we centralize the infrastructure needs.

(3) Reduced IT overheads

Cloud solutions are always fully supported and centrally maintained. This removes IT overheads on system administration from the user side. Applications simply run on web browsers, which means no specific software will be required in most cases. This eliminates IT workloads on software patching, updates.

(4) Work mobility and flexibility

What is more, business solution is readily accessible via Internet, from anywhere around the world. This translates into work mobility. Business solutions are not limited to using in the office, of course not limited to office hours too.


With all these benefits brought about by cloud computing, or SaaS, we firmly believe running our Customer-Ticket.com ticket helpdesk solution on the cloud will give the best flexibility to our customers in the long run.

wamp-IT writer