duplication vs replication

disc blank media - replication vs duplication

A lot of times customers are not clear about the difference between duplication vs replication. Many of them even think they are the same thing, giving same quality. In fact, they are referring to different processes and so different results on CD and DVD, in terms of reliability, printing, durability etc.


Duplication vs Replication

So what actually is duplication vs replication? Here we will explain in details below.


  • CD duplication or DVD duplication

  1. basically the only option if quantity is small, less than 500 pieces
  2. using CD-R or DVD-R recordable blank disc for burning
  3. disc printing is by either inkjet printing or paper label sticker (by inkjet or laserjet)
  4. pantone color printing is not possible
  5. final quality is very much subject to the quality of CD-R and DVD-R used
  6. good for cases where professional quality is not a must, or quantity cannot meet the minimum requirement of replication

disc duplication machine


  • CD replication or DVD replication

  1. applicable if quantity reach 500 pieces or above, up to million pieces
  2. CD or DVD discs are manufactured in factory, by injection moulding process and from raw materials, polycarbonate plastics
  3. disc printing is by either high quality offset printing, or silkscreen printing
  4. pantone color printing is also possible
  5. disc quality is highly reliable, highly durable and highly consistent
  6. ideal for all commercial uses

disc replication


So now, clear about the difference?

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