Email and Phone call are not enough for Good Customer Service

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Many Malaysia businesses are still using inefficient channels like email, phone call, or even paper forms to do their customer service, after-sales and technical support. They are simply not enough to offer good customer service nowadays. Good customer service and after-sales support shall offer responsive, easy two-way communications between businesses and their customers.


Daily Operational Issues & Problems

These companies and businesses which are using email and phone call always experience operational issues and problems including:

– it is very difficult for staff to track sales requests/support messages
– their customers have no case number or ticket number for their requests/complaints
– their customers cannot find common technical information or self-troubleshooting details on websites
– staff often fail to follow up each requests quickly
– staff finds it difficult to assign jobs to different teams or colleagues
– management team cannot get statistics reports to understand the customer service operations
– management team cannot obtain performance report for their review


In fact, we offer our helpdesk solutions to many businesses to digitally transform customer service and support operations into the cloud solution.  This transformation allows staff to work anywhere, anytime, with every single requests recorded with ticket number.

It greatly benefits business productivity and improves their customer services and after sales support. Did we also mention the cost-savings for telephone bills?


Free Online Demo Helpdesk

You can take a quick look of our online solution here:


By moving your customer support operations into online platform, and offering professional customer services, we strong believe your company can win more and more businesses in the long run.


With our cloud-based ticket helpdesk system at , it can provide an online platform for all customers, auto-reply customers, auto-route support tickets to respective officer teams, provide FAQ and knowledgebase to boost self-service, maintain full audit trail, allow team collaboration, and produce real-time management reports all in 1 business solution.


With our cloud-based ticket helpdesk solutions, we can provide the right solutions to boost the customer service and support operations.

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