FREE Ticket helpdesk cloud solution for non-profit organizations

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Help the Helpers – Free helpdesk solutions for non-profit organizations (NPO)

We always highly appreciate the dedications and devotion of the non-profit organizations in helping out our society. We are now running a “Help the Helpers” campaign to provide them with ticket helpdesk cloud solutions FREE OF CHARGE to improve their work efficiency.

Giving the NPO our cloud solutions AT NO COSTS, our campaign targets to assist these helper associations without them having to spend their precious financial resources on using our cloud services.

Feel free to discuss with us if your organizations are doing charity work, non-profit oriented and:

  • you need a centralised collaboration platform for staff across multiple departments, or multiple locations or regions to work together
  • you need a centralised communication channel for you to collect enquiries, feedback, questions effectively, without relying on emails
  • you need a web solution which can analyse your customer feedback, produce reports for your follow up and improvements

We will advise your organizations if our ticket helpdesk cloud solutions can make your work smoother and easier.

We help you, because you are helping us too.

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