General Purpose Ticket Helpdesk Solutions Explained

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Do you still think “helpdesk” is only for IT department, or technical support or engineering services? If you do, there is a misconception for sure.


Some businesses are not clear what other operations or departments of theirs can benefit from having ticket helpdesk solutions in their organizations. If you share the same confusions, please read on. We will explain how a general purpose ticket helpdesk solutions can improve operations in various types of business scenarios.


At, our ticket helpdesk solution is for general purpose. In short, it is a rather generic cloud-based helpdesk which is easily adaptable to different industries and business models. It is certainly NOT just for IT or engineering or technical support.


Because of the simplicity in creating tickets, and powerful features including automatic ticket workflow, automatic responses, and analytical reporting features, our helpdesk greatly improves work efficiency in any operations which involve helping internal or external parties.

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As a matter of fact, many customers do NOT deploy ticket helpdesk solutions just for their IT or technical support.


On the contrary, they are using our helpdesk solution rather as a “collaboration platform” where a team of staff and officers can work together efficiently, collaboratively, jointly on providing help or assistance to their targeted parties, both internal and external.


General purpose ticket helpdesk BOOST customer service quality and responsiveness for different industries

Here below are different industries which they can enjoy vast benefits from using ticket helpdesk solutions:


  • Hospitality

Hotels, theme parks, club houses can make use of helpdesk solutions to collect customers enquiries or questions, to gather feedback or complaints, and even to take down service bookings. All tickets will carry unique reference number for easy follow up and reference. And alert messages and notifications will make sure customers will not be left unattended.


  • Education

Educational institutions, training centers are having a helpdesk solution in place to accelerate responses to a big number of students, from answering questions in areas of application, admission, payments, scholarships etc. Our solution allow students to do self-service checking without calling on the phone. Having such facility will minimize the workload of the staff and greatly improve the response rates.


  • Logistics

Shipping agents, forwarders can have helpdesk solutions so that their existing or new customers can request for quotations, check on shipping status etc. It is also very beneficial when different offices in different cities can jointly discuss, and work on the same tasks. Working in emails will not provide analysis and reporting. People often easily forget to follow up their emails after a day or two. Ticket helpdesk solution is a powerful platform for team work. Additionally, it provides powerful report analysis tool for assessing team work performance anytime.


  • Healthcare

Medical centers, hospitals are facing a large number of patients, visitors. Responsiveness is a key factor for boosting customer loyalty. Still putting some paper forms on reception counters to gather customer opinion or complaints? Why not use our online ticket form to automate all these tedious data entry tasks? Manual data entry are also prone to human errors. With a helpdesk solution established, as soon as the customers click to submit online, system will automatically and instantly forward their enquiries or messages to the relevant staff. No more waiting, no delays!


  • Retail or Online Marketplace

Customers always want themselves to be valued. If they feel so, they will be loyal to a business, driving up sales. When on-the-spot resolutions are not always possible, customers should always have access to do self check on their enquiries, questions, feedback or complaints. They always need to be attended, even if it is not by a human officer. With a ticket helpdesk solution, we can ensure their customer experience will be as comfortable as possible.


Above are only a few of the examples. If not using general purpose helpdesk solutions, many organisations are still using emails, or telephones, paper forms or Excel spreadsheets to do the job. And all of them understand the weaknesses of using these manual approaches. They are very inefficient, does not provide a way to do analysis and reporting, and does not have any security control in place.


If you are interested in deeper understanding, you may click here for a detailed comparison of the pros and cons of ticket helpdesk solution vs email.


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