Student service helpdesk Go-Live!

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Student Service Helpdesk Go-Live! We have successfully rolled out our helpdesk solution for a private education organization recently. Thousands of students can now easily contact their Student Service & Support by submitting tickets on their smartphones.

Online Project Implementation

This helpdesk implementation is conducted fully online from the start till the end. Via online presentations, online meetings, and online training, we have gone through the whole project lifecycle successfully and smoothly.

Before having a student service helpdesk, client team is receiving hundreds of emails from students a day. It is very challenging to manage and respond to every single requests in a timely manner. Keeping track of progress and status requires a lot of efforts.

No more calls. No more email

After the helpdesk rolls out, No more calls taking. No more email forwarding. Staff can now view all student requests on 1 online portal. Access to helpdesk is anytime, anywhere! And real-time helpdesk reports enable easy and yet powerful analysis into their student service operations.

front end of student service helpdesk

If you are interested in having an online helpdesk portal to serve students in your education institutions, check out helpdesk solution, or discuss with us.

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