How does Education benefit from Helpdesk solution?

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For education institutions like universities and colleges, there are a large number of students. It also contains a significant number of academic and non-academic staff. The volume of communications itself always makes it very challenging to manage. As such, emails and phone calls are inefficient. Chances of failure to follow up requests and issues are high.


Below illustrates some scenarios where a self-service helpdesk system can facilitate more efficient communications, in universities, colleges, and training centers.


Student Affairs Helpdesk

Where students request for welfare information, or ask for assistance, there is usually a dedicated team of professional staff providing student affairs services and support. A helpdesk system with knowledgebase will often help students obtain their required information more efficiently.


Student Finance Helpdesk

For the finance department of any universities and colleges, they deal with a lot of monetary matters like tuition fees, student payments, payment channels etc. The workload can fluctuate significantly during peak seasons when intakes are happening. Therefore, finance department shall need a platform which provides as much self-service to students as possible, so as to reduce their routine work.


Human Resource Helpdesk

When there are a big number of staff in an organization, the workload of its human resource department will naturally be heavy. Human Resource Helpdesk is an collaboration platform for the HR team to carry out their duties, serving the whole staff force of any universities, colleges and educational institutions.


Computer Helpdesk

Computer technical support is the most popular scenario where online helpdesk is widely used. It enables the technical team to provide assistance and support services to staff and students, sometimes around the clock.


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In general, a self-service helpdesk portal, which is a single-point of communications will prove to be very beneficial to your education organization. It provides a self-service platform for everyone, automate response and notification, offer online knowledgebase for public information, produce statistical reports and graphical charts for management purposes. As a result, these helpdesk functions will significantly boost your responsiveness, as well as work productivity.


Digital Transformation into Cloud-Based Helpdesk

Our helpdesk solution digitally transforms your operations onto the cloud. This transformation allows staff to work anywhere, anytime, with every single requests recorded with ticket number. By moving your operations online, and offering streamlined operational flows, your productivity will greatly improve.


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