How does FMCG business benefit from Helpdesk solution?

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Fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) companies have big business in every country. They produce products like packaged foods, beverages, toiletries, candies, cosmetics, over-the-counter drugs, dry goods for the general public. Because of the number of their consumers and customers, they receive many questions, enquiries, and sometimes complaints. Handling these communications responsively and quickly is the key to satisfy customers.

Email and phone call are NOT good enough

Nowadays, many FMCG brands are printing their customer service email address on the product packagings and websites, for customer communications. Some other brands only show a phone number for customers to call up their customer service team. However, many people complain that they NEVER get any response, or a delayed response after their first contact with the FMCG businesses.

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Responsive service turns your frustrated customers into happy customers

One reason causing such response delay is due to the work assignment and delegation process. When emails or phone calls are used, the customer service personnel who receive customers messages must first identify the relevant person-in-charge within the organization, then pass the task over.

Secondly, since there are new customer requests coming in everyday, it happens that officers may not be able keep track of all unresolved requests until completion. In case officers fail to properly follow up customers requests, customers certainly will feel disappointed. Businesses suffer from loss of customer satisfaction and loyalty as a result.

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Challenges faced by Customer Service

We understand from people in these roles that they regularly face problems including:

  • Customer service (CS) team often finds it difficult to track every single customers’ requests. Worst still, some of them may simply be left unattended
  • If using email or calls, CS officers have no automatic case number or ticket number for easy reference to each customers’ calls
  • Customers lack an easy, self-service way to check status of their requests
  • There is always a time delay for communications between CS officers, back office and customers
  • Back office team cannot generate performance reports for management review

the list of challenges go on…

Customer Service Helpdesk is a good solution

If these are your current challenges and problems, a helpdesk solution which is a single-point of communications will prove to be very beneficial to your organization. It provides a self-service platform for everyone, automate response and notification, offer online knowledgebase for public information, produce statistical reports and graphical charts for management purposes. As a result, these helpdesk functions will significantly boost your responsiveness, as well as work productivity.

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