How does Human Resource benefit from Helpdesk solution?

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There are various types of human resource questions asked by employees everyday, for example, staff benefits, remunerations, insurances, recruitment, training, career development etc.

  • When a staff or an employee calls or send emails to ask about HR matters, how does your HR team start the processing?
  • Do you need to write down all details (in case of calls)?
  • Manually forward email one by one to different levels of HR staff in order to assign jobs, allocate workload?
  • Do you know how many emails or calls have been raised by staff or employee in a month?
  • Can you quickly produce statistics, reports or graphical charts for the management officers?

Human Resource Helpdesk

If these are your current challenges and problems, a helpdesk solution which is a single-point of communications will prove to be very beneficial to your organization. It provides a self-service platform for everyone, automate response and notification, offer online knowledgebase for public information, produce statistical reports and graphical charts for management purposes. As a result, these helpdesk functions will significantly boost your responsiveness, as well as work productivity.

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HR Challenges

We have learnt that many HR officers from businesses are often experiencing problems including:

  • HR team finds it difficult to track each issues or requests
  • If using email or calls, HR staff have no automatic case number or ticket number for easy reference to each issues or requests
  • Employees cannot find HR information, unless they ask
  • HR team fail to follow up each requests quickly
  • It is time-consuming to assign jobs or tasks to different HR team members
  • HR team cannot generate performance reports for management review

the list of HR challenges go on…

Digital Transformation of Human Resource into Cloud-Based Helpdesk

Our helpdesk solution digitally transforms your Human Resource operations onto the cloud. This transformation allows HR staff to work anywhere, anytime, with every single requests recorded with ticket number. By moving your HR support operations online, and offering streamlined operational flows, your productivity will greatly improve.

Email and Phone call are not enough for Good Customer Service

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