How does IT Support benefit from Helpdesk solution?

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For IT support, the benefits and advantages of an online ticket helpdesk is very obvious. As a matter of fact, IT support helpdesk has been in use by many businesses. While our ticket helpdesk solution is a general purpose ticket helpdesk, IT support helpdesk is still one of our common business cases.


Having said that, there are still many organizations, usually small to medium sizes, where they are still doing IT support in the traditional manual approach. User issues and requests are submitted in emails, paper forms and by phone calls. In these scenarios, there are many challenges faced by IT personnel.


Improve IT support service quality and efficiency? Consider an online, self-service IT helpdesk

A self-service IT helpdesk portal offers great benefits by providing an easy way for users to find solutions quickly, around the clock. Businesses experience a significant increase in productivity and a reduction in operational costs. According to an online survey, 98% of respondents said using an IT helpdesk solution has boosted productivity while 95% confirmed a significant increase in user satisfaction.


Our ticket helpdesk solution includes a KnowledgeBase, which is open to users and accessible right from the helpdesk portal. This provide self resolution of IT issues by users and include self-resolution through finding standard solutions, troubleshooting information.


Benefits of IT ticket helpdesk

  • Increased productivity
    Cloud-based helpdesk is available 24/7, no matter where the users are located. Helpdesk agents can focus on other critical matters, and tasks that must require direct intervention from IT staff.
  • Reduced emails and calls
    Email and call is easy for communication. However, this ease also often result in a large of unorganized requests, which is almost impossible to document properly, let alone follow up closely.
  • Scalability
    Helpdesk solution enables businesses to scale effectively by offering a central point of contact for everyone in the organization and transfer relatively easy, but popular IT support issues to user self-service, by promoting the use of KnowledgeBase.
  • Financial Benefits
    An IT helpdesk solution cuts down operating IT expenditure by reducing the need to use IT agent support resources to only when needed


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Digital Transformation of IT Support into Cloud-Based Helpdesk

Our helpdesk solution digitally transforms your IT support operations onto the cloud. This transformation allows support staff to work anywhere, anytime, with every single requests recorded with ticket number. By moving your technical support operations online, and offering streamlined operational flows, your productivity will greatly improve.


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