How does Logistics benefit from Helpdesk solution?

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Logistics businesses often have offices in different cities. Customers and clients are from anywhere in the world, working in different timezones. Staying in close touch with customers and clients is crucial in delivering high quality service, and thus ensuring long term business success.

In Malaysia, we have different working days and different working hours among different states. In Kedah, Kelantan and Terengganu, Fridays and Saturdays are considered weekends, but Sunday is a working day. Working hours are also slightly different from other states. However, for the logistics businesses, they must have the ability to support clients nationwide.

In order to achieve high efficiency and work mobility, moving client communications, and response processes to the cloud will be very beneficial. Through our system solution, staff can read all clients requests or complaints anytime, anywhere. As a result, they can respond to clients’ urgent needs promptly, without delays. Staff no longer need to go back to office just to obtain details of clients requests. In case of urgent cases, staff can stay connected to clients even when it is after office hours, or in weekends.

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Challenges faced by Logistics

We understand that industry people face problems including:

  • Officers find it difficult to track and follow up every requests, when they come in by emails, phone calls or whatsapp messages
  • Co-ordinations with offices in other geographical locations are not straightforward or easy
  • Customers lack an easy, self-service way to check status of their requests or complaints
  • There is often time delay for communications for domestic customers in other states, or international customers in other timezone
  • It is time consuming for office team to generate performance reports or graphical charts for management review

the list of challenges go on…

Logistics Helpdesk

If these are your current challenges and problems, a helpdesk solution which is a single-point of communications will prove to be very beneficial to your organization. It provides a self-service platform for everyone, automate response and notification, offer online knowledgebase for public information, produce statistical reports and graphical charts for management purposes. As a result, these helpdesk functions will significantly boost your responsiveness, as well as work productivity.

Digital Transformation of Logistics operations into Cloud-Based Helpdesk

Our helpdesk solution digitally transforms your logistics operations onto the cloud. This transformation allows staff to work anywhere, anytime, with every single requests recorded with ticket number. By moving your operations online, and offering streamlined operational flows, your productivity will greatly improve.

Why Helpdesk

Email and Phone call are not enough for Good Customer Service

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