How does Product Support benefit from Helpdesk solution?

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For businesses distributing or selling products, they usually have dedicated teams of personnel on providing Product Support to customers. Depending on the types of products, some organizations may call such an operational team “Technical Support”, or “After Sales Support”, or “Product Warranty”. In Malaysia, there are a lot of such manufacturers or suppliers or distributors. They sell consumer-grade and industrial-grade electronics, appliances, spare parts or equipment to individuals or business clients.

Paper-based approach in doing On-Site service

For some businesses, their support service is always carried out in customers’ premises, namely “on-site”. In these situations, the support personnel usually collect job reports or job sheets from their office. After that, they plan their daily schedule to visit each and every customer to perform the support jobs. At the end of each day, or sometimes the next day, officers will bring the job sheets back to office. The back office team will only then get details of what have been completed and finished, and then they will manually update the details in the system accordingly.

Online helpdesk improves quality & speed of On-Site service

Such business practice is often prone to time delays, inflexibility and human input errors. Any last minute changes in jobs or schedule may greatly disrupt the daily work flow. But what if there is an online ticket helpdesk system which allows the support personnel to always stay connected to the support team who is in the office? While the support personnel can instantly update the back office team as and when they finish jobs at clients’ sites, their customers can also get the most updated status of their requests in this ticket helpdesk system.

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Challenges faced by Product Support, Technical Support, After Sales Support

We understand from people in these roles that they regularly face problems including:

  • Support team finds it difficult to track every single support request
  • Back office team must process a lot of paper-based documents or job sheets everyday
  • If using email or calls, support officers have no automatic case number or ticket number for easy reference to each support call
  • For on-site support operations, they cannot easily get details of urgent and last minute requests
  • Customers lack an easy, self-service way to check status of their requests
  • There is always a time delay for communications between support personnel, back office and customers
  • Back office team cannot generate performance reports for management review

the list of challenges go on…

Product Support Helpdesk

If these are your current challenges and problems, a helpdesk solution which is a single-point of communications will prove to be very beneficial to your organization. It provides a self-service platform for everyone, automate response and notification, offer online knowledgebase for public information, produce statistical reports and graphical charts for management purposes. As a result, these helpdesk functions will significantly boost your responsiveness, as well as work productivity.

Digital Transformation of Product Support and Technical Support into Cloud-Based Helpdesk

Our helpdesk solution digitally transforms your Product Support operations onto the cloud. This transformation allows support staff to work anywhere, anytime, with every single requests recorded with ticket number. By moving your technical support operations online, and offering streamlined operational flows, your productivity will greatly improve.

Email and Phone call are not enough for Good Customer Service

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