How to Efficiently Manage Customer Service Issues and Improve Customer Satisfaction?

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How Incident Ticketing System helps to Efficiently Manage Customer Service Issues and Improve Customer Satisfaction?

Most business managers agree support and service operations are essential to a business. Top-tier service leads to higher customer loyalty and customer retention, thus driving stronger and more profitable customer relationships. 
However, many support organizations are not maximizing the efficiency by the latest technologies. Many customer service departments still depend on emails and spreadsheets to manage and handle enquiries. Tedious manual processes eat up lots of time of skilled employees on responding to emails and phone enquiries. Such practices are very expensive and always end up with delayed resolutions, missed service enquiries and failed Service Level Agreements (SLAs). 
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Our SaaS (Software as a Service), web-enabled, integrated system, centralized incident ticket warehouse and automatic workflow processing will keep track of every enquiry and streamlines the processes to ensure that SLA is met, no service issue is left unattended, and customer service representatives (CSRs) are maximizing their time. As a result, businesses enjoy much lower costs on CS operations, while raising customer satisfaction and issue resolution efficiency. is determined to do exactly this for companies in various industries, from small businesses to large enterprises. Our web-based solution allows access from anywhere, business mobility and enhanced productivity. End results? Faster issue resolutions, complete audit trail, security controls, customer satisfaction and increased profitability. Below are the screenshots of the various user interface (UI) of our incident ticket system, they will give you a look and feel of our web service.
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