Learn how good customers think about your staff service

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Does your organization understand how good your staff service is?

Are you collecting any feedback from customers?
How do you evaluate the performance of your customer servicing staff?

Collect customer ratings on your staff and improve your service quality

If your organizations are handling customers by calls, emails, or paper forms, chances are that you hardly get much customer feedback or review. It is difficult to collect, analyze and report on customer feedback on staff service, if communications are done in emails or calls.

Our helpdesk system will automatically invite your customers to give ratings, write their comments on your staff responses. Therefore, it provides your organization powerful insights into who is doing good servicing, and who needs further improvements.

We also translate the ratings into quantitative statistics and graphical reports. As such, your management can have good understanding of the strength and weakness in your customer service operations.

Helpdesk for All Industries

Ours is a general purpose helpdesk solution, designed to handle different business scenarios in different industries with flexibility and versatility. See how we are helping different industries boost responsiveness, enhance team collaboration and improve work efficiency.

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