Responsive design for ticket helpdesk solution – Check Ticket Status

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In this article, we talk about Response Design for Check Ticket Status in helpdesk solutions. With this function, users or customers can check for their own ticket status quickly.


In order to enforce data security, ticket details will not be immediately available publicly.


Firstly, users can enter their email address, together with their unique ticket number, which is automatically assigned by the system when new ticket is created. Then click “Email Access Link” button.


A follow-up email will be sent immediately to the user address with an unique web site link. This web site link will allow users to check the ticket history, provide further updates or edit the ticket details.


With this mechanism, the system will safeguard that only the ticket owners will have access to the respective tickets.


Below is the “Check Ticket Status” screenshot from a mobile device, 7″ tablet.

mobile web version of ticket helpdesk portal - check ticket status


To take a Live Preview at the responsive web of our ticket helpdesk solution, please click below:


Online Demo

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