Sample pictures or item codes makes discussion easy

jewel case digipak pocket

Why item codes are useful?

Quite often, when our customers are talking about packagings, disc packagings for CD or DVD, or high value tailor-made designs, they tend to tell us “We want bla bla bla, normal type”, “standard case”, “normal card”.


It is very understandable. Most people do not really know the exact and correct names of different types packagings. It is because there are just too many available options. And sometimes, people from different countries may also call the same packaging differently.


We always have to explain patiently to them, “Sorry, we cannot confirm if you just tell us NORMAL type”, “standard type” or so on. In such cases, we always ask our customers to send us pictures of what they want. Or if they have seen any pictures of similar things, share with us directly. Alternatively, we always ask our customers to check out our web site and give us our item codes if what they want are listed on our web site.


item codes - cd dvd replication



On CD and DVD disc printing –




item codes for cd jewel case digipak disc pocket



On CD and DVD packaging options –




item codes for packagings



On CD-R and DVD+R recording disc printing –



When it is simply hard to describe, sample pictures or item codes are far much clearer. Therefore, it makes sure everyone is talking about the same thing.

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