Ticket helpdesk brings high ROI

ROI calculator

For businesses which do not have any kind of helpdesk system in place, they often ask questions on potential ROI (return on investment). They sometimes are skeptical if such a helpdesk will improve their productivity at work. The answer is… Continue Reading

Ticket helpdesk with flexible email alert

email alert in envelope

We understand from our customers that they sometimes prefer to receive email alert upon certain situations happening. When a new ticket is raised in the support system. Of course they will want to attend to it soonest. When a ticket has been… Continue Reading

Listing on MSC Malaysia Website

msc malaysia product listing directory

MSC Malaysia Product Listing, as its name tells, its purpose is to connect the Internet community, global business users to the MSC Status Companies’ products and services.   Riding on the MSC Malaysia support facilities and marketing capabilities, we are pleased… Continue Reading

Business referral incentive scheme

business referrals

Want to help your business friends and yourself via making business referral? Do you have any friends or business associates who are currently looking for: Ticket helpdesk cloud solutions to streamline their internal issue tracking and resolution, or communications with external customers. Live… Continue Reading

Ticket helpdesk with powerful reporting and analytics

real time reporting

Given that our clients are using our web solutions to track down numerous customer feedback, inter-departmental or inter-branch business issues, there is always a need to do some performance analysis. To answer some of these questions, we provide powerful and flexible… Continue Reading

Ticket helpdesk with FAQ or knowledge base for self service

faq or knowledge base (KB)

In any organizations, new staff or new employees can get on board on any day. It is understood there is always a learning process in which new joiners must go through to get accustomed to the new work environment, company policies,… Continue Reading

Ticket helpdesk with live chat for immediate customer response

live chat to ask question immediately

What is the fastest way to talk to potential customers? Live chat is sure one of the best options available.   It is real time. It happens right at the time when your potential customers are at your web site, looking at… Continue Reading