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In situations where there are many staff working together, assigning jobs quickly always makes operations more efficient, speeding up the whole business process. If there is no such job assignment, it is often not clear cut for the staff and team to know what they should do, and what they do not need to do.

“Should I pick up this job now or I shall wait and see for a while?”

Manual Job Assignment

This is the conventional approach. Team leaders or supervisors will review the tickets, make judgement and allocate workload to staff one by one. Obviously, this is only suitable if the daily ticket volume is not too high.

Automatic Job Assignment

This is the ideal and preferred approach for any organizations. With business rules implemented in the helpdesk system, ticket assignment will be fully automatic. As soon as a new ticket is created, it is then immediately routed and delegated to the most suitable staff or relevant teams based on the business requirements. Now, everybody clearly knows what is on their plate. No more delays.

Such automatic job assignment totally frees up the team leaders from administrative tasks. As a result, they can put their focus back on tackling more important issues.

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