Ticket Helpdesk Business Theme for Different Industry

helpdesk green color theme RGB code 0ad13c

Business theme for different industries. The corporate color and feature picture is highly customisable for each of our helpdesk portal. No matter which industry or business you are running, we can offer you a theme or skin which best illustrate your business nature.


For businesses which have famous, hot-selling products or services, they certainly would prefer to show pictures of their star products or services on their version of customer helpdesk. This will increase customer confidence when seeing familiar products.


Our helpdesk aims to help our clients provide better customer experience. Most importantly, when you improve your customer service, you boost customer loyalty and in returns, this drives business profits in the long term.


Read the below to see how our helpdesk solution BOOST responsiveness and ENHANCE team collaboration for all different industries.



Below are some examples of how different color themes can suit different industries.

  • Green color for healthy food business

helpdesk color theme green RGB code 0ad13c for healthy food business


  • Black color for electronics and manufacturing business

helpdesk color theme black RGB code 000000 for electronics manufacturing business


  • Pink color for beauty business

helpdesk color theme pink RGB code f70d92 for beauty business


  • Blue color for property management and housing business

helpdesk color theme blue RGB code oe77f7 for housing business


With features offered in our cloud-based helpdesk solution, we deliver higher staff productivity, lower customer support costs, faster response times, streamlined support service, customer self-service, increase customer satisfaction.


Feel free to discuss with us your requirements.

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