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Email is an important customer communication channel. Customers who send emails expect timely responses. If this does not happen, they will not be happy. However, too many emails come in every day that your team is finding it difficult to follow up and respond to each one of them. Our solution is email to ticket conversion, which basically is to automatically transfer incoming emails and convert them into unique tickets in the helpdesk solutions.

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Email to Ticket conversion

The best practice approach is always to divert customer traffic to the online helpdesk portal. A single point of access offers self services to open new ticket, check status, and search knowledgebase. However, we also understand that many customers may still be used to send email for their requests, complaints and enquiries. As such, we provide an option to do automatic email conversion in our helpdesk solutions.

Notification & Alert

This process collects emails from any designated email address, converts messages into tickets, each with their own unique ticket number. Once it is done, system sends automatic notification to your staff team, letting them know that there are new tickets. Customers will receive system notification of their ticket number, allowing easy reference in future. From now on, all staff can easily reply, manage, review, assign tickets. This enhances team collaboration. Customers can check for the status much easily with a ticket number. Staff will get reminder of any overdue or forgotten tickets, if any.

If you need to find out how our solution can help your business improve customer service quality, check out here, or discuss with us.

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