Ticket helpdesk with powerful reporting and analytics

real time reporting

Reporting and analytics are crucially important management tools in any business systems.


Given that our clients are using our web solutions to track down numerous customer feedback, inter-departmental or inter-branch business issues, there is always a need to do some performance analysis.


To answer some of these questions, we provide powerful and flexible real-time reporting and analytics in our cloud-based ticket helpdesk system.


  • How many tickets each department are handling, during a certain time period?
  • Can we have a summary report on the ticket resolution timeframe? For assessing the performance of the service team.
  • Can we have a summary report on the ticket progress and status, for last month, for current month, or for the last 3-month period?
  • How many tickets do we receive for each issue topic?
  • Can we have an overall summary of the tickets received as of today?

These are some common questions our clients would like to know.


Now, all these questions are readily answered, with our report library providing you reports as and when you need them.


Below is the Report Engine screenshot from our helpdesk.

ticket helpdesk report library menu


We have made 3 formats of reports available, namely HTML web report, PDF file, CSV file for spreadsheet.

To see our analytic tools and reportings in action, please log on to our Free Trial Demo with the below trial account access.

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