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System admin functionality is always one of the crucial functionalities in any business solutions. Respective system administration reports facilitate as important tools to allow proper management. This will, in return, ensure the smooth and continuous operations as a result.


When it comes to cloud computing, we always stress the importance of cloud storage. Because of the fact that cloud storage is a cost factor, we often look into where the cloud storage is used, how it is used and so on.


For that reason, we are deploying new system admin reports particularly to help system administrations of our cloud-based helpdesk solutions. These new reports will help system administrators better understand their cloud storage usage, as well as managing their end-users registered in the helpdesk system.


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Right from inside the ticket helpdesk solutions, customers can generate these reports anytime with real-time data. Available file formats include PDF (document), HTML (web page) and XLS (Excel spreadsheet).


They demonstrate how our ticket helpdesk solution provides up-to-date, analytical statistics to help the system administrators carry out their tasks.


Here below is a list of the reports.


  • PDF Report Samples
  1. Attachment File Size by Data Type
  2. Attachment File Size by Help Topic
  3. Attachment File Size by Department


screenshot helpdesk system admin report attachment size by data type


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