Ticket helpdesk with FAQ or knowledge base for self service

faq or knowledge base (KB)

In any organizations, new staff or new employees can get on board on any day. It is understood there is always a learning process in which new joiners must go through to get accustomed to the new work environment, company policies, and corporate information. While there may be staff orientation held in big corporates, it may be too costly or inefficient for smaller businesses to do the same.


It may also happen that your company is enforcing new policies or has decided on new business directions, and there is a need to distribute such information promptly to your staff team.


In any of the above cases, a library full of information for your staff, or your external customers to refer to, to seek help from, is always beneficial. And that is where Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) or Knowledge Base (KB) comes into play.


While the purpose of customer ticket helpdesk management system is to streamline requests and resolutions, FAQ and KB can always serve as a mean to provide a self service channel through which people can from information from.


We fully understand the importance of such, and thus, we have FAQ and KB functionalities in place in our customer ticket helpdesk system. You may see the screenshot below.

ticket helpdesk screenshot with faq and knowledge base (kb)

Click below to go into our Online Demo to see how FAQ or knowledge base for self service can benefit your organization:



faq for self service








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