Ticket helpdesk with live chat for immediate customer response

live chat to ask question immediately

What is the fastest way to talk to potential customers? Live chat is sure one of the best options available.


Live chat is real-time. It is available right at the time, on the same page when your potential customers are browsing on your web site. They may be looking at your company profile, or browsing your product catalogues. When they think of a question to ask, they can just start contacting you then. It is straightforward and simple. To businesses, it is a great way to collect customers enquiries and feedback. What is most important, no worry on expensive phone bills anymore!

Real-time live chat is an powerful and effective alternative to phone and e-mail.


In regards to this, we have incorporated live chat functionality into our customer ticket helpdesk solutions. Again, it is 100% cloud-based. Our customers do not have to worry anything about hardware server or software applications. Get online, and you can give your customer immediate customer response.


Visit our online demo at https://www.customer-ticket.com/web/online-demo/

screenshot - ticket helpdesk with live chat



When any service agent is available online, web visitors can immediately start the chat.

screenshot - ticket helpdesk with live chat when online




In case no service agent is available at that moment, web visitors can always leave a message right away.

screenshot - ticket helpdesk with live chat when offline


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