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Replication Services for CD and DVD, CD Copy Protection Solutions

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CD replication, DVD replication
Optical Disc Media Manufacturing
CD Copy Protection, Data Security
CD Jewel Case, DVD Amaray Case
Digipak, Digitray, CD Pocket
Art Card Mailer, CD Envelope
DVDR Printing, CDR Printing
Standard Packagings
Shrink Wrap Spindle

1. CD, DVD, Copy Protection, Data Encryption, Digital Content Security
2. DVD, Audio CD, CD, Replication, Pressing, Manufacturing, Glass Mastering
3. Design Guidelines, Standard Templates, Dimension Specifications for CD, DVD and Packagings

CD, DVD, Copy Protection, Data Encryption, Digital Content Security
  • CDR and DVDR copy protection and data encryption prevents unauthorized CD duplication, disc burning, CD imaging, DVD imaging
  • Copy protection solution protects valuable information, key files on CD from copying, disc burning
  • Also prevent disc imaging or CD-to-CD copy
  • We offer royalty-free solutions for copy-protecting critical data files
  • DVD-Video Content Scrambling System (CSS)
  • CD-Text implementation for Audio-CD
  • Macrovision SafeDisc Protection for DVD-Video, CD, CD-ROM and DVD-ROM
  • StarForce Digital Rights Management (DRM) solutions
MacroVision, Copy Protection, Digital Content Security, Digital Rights Management, DRM StarForce, Copy Protection, Digital Content Security, Digital Rights Management, DRM

  • CD copy protection technology is particularly useful to important and valuable data or information which should not be disseminated without the consent from genuine copyright owners.

  • Some examples of client projects which we have incorporate copy protection methodologies are:
  • [1] Education institution client whose learning multimedia CD require data security. Users shall not be allowed to duplicate CD or copy the CD contents into computers without authorization.
  • [2] Private equity investment firm whose investor reports shall only be made available to the relevant shareholders and investors. Distribution of these highly confidential financial reports is strictly controlled. Information is encrypted and copy protected to prevent unauthorized spread of information over the Internet.
  • [3] Technology client who sells high value proprietary business data in the form of CD media. Their requirements include prohibiting their customers to re-sell illegally or duplicating the media for unauthorized usages without licences.

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DVD, VCD, Audio CD, CD, CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, Replication, Duplication, Pressing, Manufacturing, Printing, Glass Mastering, Stamper Making
  • We offers high quality glass mastering service, stamper production for optical media like DVD, VCD, Audio CD, CD-ROM
  • Our service focus lies on optical disc manufacturing, bulk reproduction, disc pressing, replication service, duplication service, mass quantity imaging for CD and DVD, short run reproduction service for all types of 120mm standard size DVD, CD, VCD, Audio CD and CD-ROM
  • As value adding one stop support, we provide high precision disc surface printing for DVD, VCD, Audio CD and CD. We follow industrial standards of full color disc label printing in CMYK color mode, with offset printing or silkscreen printing
  • Standard 120mm diameter CD replication and DVD replication is our core professional service and expert specialisation
  • We manufacture in Malaysia, deliver worldwide! Our clientele covers Malaysia, Singapore, South East Asia, Australia, New Zealand, US, Europe, North Amercia etc
  • We provide direct drop shipment and order fulfillment services to our clients on their CD replication and DVD replication projects
Business Profile (DVD Replication, CD Replication, Duplication and Packaging Services) in PDF file

[ English ]
Our Business Profile - Optical Disc (CD and DVD)
Manufacturing, Value Added Support Services

Sample Picture Gallery of DVD, CD and Packagings in PDF file

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Sample Picture Gallery of Printing & Packagings
  • Distributing information in the format of CD and DVD media offers numerous advantages over distributing paper reports, such as low costs of productions, easy delivery and transportation, fast production lead time, ease of storage, physical durability, data consistency
  • More and more of below items are being replicated, duplicated or pressed in the form of CD or DVD for distributing to clients, customers, investors, business partners, business associates nowadays:
  • Annual financial reports, corporate video, business profile, marketing materials, advertising videos, promotional information, audit reports, electronic books, musical works by musicians or bands, photography works, product specifications, documentations, accounting reports, product catalogue, multimedia presentations, software applications, trial computer software, computer games etc

Below shows full color printed CD, DVD discs; They are produced through highly controlled replication and manufacturing processes to ensure quality that meets the strictest international standards:

Disc-i005 Packaging-060 Disc-i015 Disc-k010
Disc-m013 Disc-g019 Disc-i009 Disc-f031
Disc-f043 Disc-f048 Disc-g005 Disc-g006
Disc-g010 Disc-g015 Disc-g023 Disc-g027
Disc-g029 Disc-g034 Disc-i025 Disc-k003
Disc-k013 Disc-k015 Disc-k020 Disc-k024
Disc-m002 Disc-m009 Disc-f034 Disc-m024
Disc-m027 Disc-m041 Disc-m064 Disc-m072
Disc-m083 Disc-m109 Disc-m111 Disc-m124
Disc-m152 Disc-m164 Disc-m173 Disc-m189
Disc-m197 Disc-m200 Disc-m221 Disc-m239
Disc-m245 Disc-m290

Design Guidelines, Standard Templates, Dimension Specifications for CD, DVD and Packagings
  • Here below is a list of our design guidelines and dimension templates for CD surface printing, inlay cover paper, certain package options:
  • As the rules of thumb, please take reference of the following tips:
  • [1] High resolution design graphics are required for high quality print outputs. Please ensure to have a minimum of 300 dpi (dots per inch) resolutions in the key art and design files.
  • [2] File formats are preferred to be in Adobe Illustrator CS5 or below (.AI), Adobe Photoshop CS5 or below (.PSD). Color mode shall be CMYK (as opposed to RGB). Alternatively, high resolution TIFF or JPEG (at least 300 dpi) files are also viable file formats for high quality printing use.
  • [3] For all fonts on design, please kindly outline or rasterize all fonts used in all layers of the graphics.
  • [4] All designs and key art shall have at least 5mm bleeding on all edges.

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