Cloud-based Ticket Helpdesk solution
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Ticket Helpdesk on the cloud, a Software-as-a-Service “SaaS” under, we offer subscription-based support ticket management solutions, being mobile-friendly, with powerful analytics and reporting, performance monitoring is now easy.

Our cloud-based solutions is offered to business clients to boost their customer service quality with responsive communications, and improved efficiency.

By deploying the solution into their operations, customers can also benefit from enhanced workforce collaboration, service level agreement (SLA) enforcement, efficient staff management with single sign-on (SSO), better system security with multi-factor authentication, real-time analytical reporting and enhanced audit control.

Provided within the online system, there are powerful analytics, graphical charts and statistics reports to facilitate analysis of ticket data in real-time, and from different business perspectives. Reports are available in 3 different file formats, HTML, PDF and Excel spreadsheet.

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Want to collect sales enquiry, feedback, support issues from your customers anywhere, anytime? Customers will see significant benefits from using our mobile-friendly, responsive web service. The mobile-friendly helpdesk is designed for mobile devices, smartphones and tablets.

If you want first-hand experience on how our ticket helpdesk can improve your business customer service efficiency and quality, empower your business with a range of functionalities and analytical tools, click below to have a free trial:

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