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Top Quality DVDR Recordable Blank Disc Media, DVD-R, DVD+R

DVDR Cakebox Recordable Blank Disc

Inkjet Printable DVDR Gold color DVDR Silver color DVDR Plain No Color DVDR
Inkjet Printable DVDR 4.7GB
[100-pcs spindle]
Gold DVDR 4.7GB
[100-pcs spindle]
Silver DVDR 4.7GB
[100-pcs spindle]
Plain (No Printing) DVDR 4.7GB
[100-pcs spindle]


We are a DVD manufacturer situated in South East Asia.

We welcome small-quantity international orders and large-quantity worldwide shipment orders. Talk to us anytime for delivery & shipment arrangement through either telephone, fax or email.

Our customer service executives will contact you within 24 hours. Thank you very much!
Email: sales@wamp-it.com

  • 4.7 GB data / 120 min video capacity
  • Available in up to 8x recording speeds
  • Holds seven (7) times more data than a full size CD-R
  • Conforms to DVD specifications for recordable blank disc
  • Compatible with most DVD-ROM drives & DVD-Video players
  • Write-once format stores data permanently
  • Quality is closely controlled by highly trained professionals together with the use of high precision instruments and production facilities

  • DVD recordable blank disc media are available in 4 types:
(i) DVD-R (iii) Inkjet Printable DVD-R
(ii) DVD+R (iv) Inkjet Printable DVD+R

  • Available packaging includes:
(i) 100pcs / 50pcs / 25pcs / 10pcs cakebox packing
(ii) 100-piece shrink wrap spindle packing

DVDR cakebox packaging
DVD-R & DVD+R [8x] DVDR Recordable Blank Disc Media
General Information
Storage Capacity 4.7 GB
Recording Surface One Side Only
Recording Speed Up to 16X
Thickness 1.2 mm
Outer Diameter 120 mm
Center Hole 15 mm
Material Polycarbonate
Reflectivity 50% - 70%
Recording Dye Color Bluish Purple Azo Base Dye
Storage Environment
Temperature -10C - 50C
Humidity 5% - 90% RH
Rewrite Cycle None

  • We are always available to provide assistance for our clients.
  • Shall you have any specific or OEM requirements, please feel free to sales@wamp-it.com and we shall be happy to offer you our services.
Inkjet Printable DVDR Media
Inkjet Printable
DVDR Blank Disc

Got Question? Ask Us

Email : sales@wamp-it.com
Telephone : +60 17 3370 027
Sales Hotline : 1700 80 0070 (within Malaysia)
Fax : +60 3 6730 5740

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