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SaaS, Cloud Computing Business Solutions

Software as a Service, "SaaS", is also called "on-demand software". It is the latest solution model in which software or business applications is on subscription basis and is centrally maintained online in web servers.
SaaS is typically accessible any web browsers through computers, tablets or smartphones.

Our Service Offerings in SaaS models include:

1. Incident Ticket Business Solutions / Helpdesk Software Systems
2. Live Chat on the Web
3. Hosted Survey Engine on the Cloud

4. Ask Us : Telephone, Fax, Email, Instant Message, Online Feedback

Incident Ticket System Solutions - Customer-Ticket.com
  • Customer-Ticket.com is our business initiative to offer enterprise-level incident ticket solution to Malaysian as well as international business clients. We help our clients enhance their communications with external parties i.e. customers and vendors as well as internal communications between different operating departments or offices in different geographical locations.
  • Our solutions runs as SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) in cloud computing model and clients only need an internet browser to do all communication online. Meeting international standards, our expertise and knowledge will help client organizations eliminate communication breakdowns.
  • Our team possesses industrial knowledge & technical know-how in areas of gap analysis, project deployment as well as post implementation support. We are capable to offer one-stop consultancy and implementation service with enterprise-level support.

Live Chat on the Web - Online Demo
  • Live Chat application runs completely on the cloud. Market researches have shown that customers are much more motivated to talk when they can see "Live Chat" button on your web, allowing them to immediately talk to your sales team. Why not capture the potential customers before they leave your web sites?

  • Live Chat, no phone call charges incurred!
  • Your web site visitors and your staff agents only need internet browser to do online chat right on the web. No more toll on your phone bills for all customers and your business.

Hosted Survey Engine on the Cloud
  • Hosted business surveys on the cloud is our key business initiative to offer on-demand feedback collection solutions.
  • With our survey engine running on the cloud, we help our clients publish their customer surveys and feedback forms online. Data collection process is fully automated, with short implementation timeframe and elimination of basically all data input human errors.
  • Built on top of the widely adopted AMP (Apache-MySQL-PHP) software stack, new survey can be created anytime, each week, each month, to cater for the fast-changing business environments. Survey results are automatically reported to the designated email address in real-time, without time delay. May need survey to be conducted in other local languages? We provide professional translation as well.
  • Our online survey engine is designed with this digital age in mind. Implemented with Bootstrap framework, our survey engine is responsive and will automatically resize appropriately to fit different display sizes nicely and comfortably. Now your customers will enjoy filling up your online surveys anywhere, via smartphones, tablets, laptops or computers.

  • Demonstration of our hosted survey is available for preview at:

Got Question? Ask Us

Email : sales@wamp-it.com
Telephone : +60 17 3370 027
Sales Hotline : 1700 80 0070 (within Malaysia)
Fax : +60 3 6730 5740

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