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Brand Protection and Anti Counterfeiting
We are a solution provider on high security solutions on brand protection, anti counterfeit, anti pirary in Malaysia and Singapore.

We offers implementation services of high security label and packaging printing to ensure your valuable brand name is always protected by our US-patented security technology.

This technology protects a wide range of printed packages every year. Our customers can rely on consistent quality and seamless integration into package design and printing process, irrespective of the technology being used: offset, silkscreen, digital, holography, flexography, gravure, etching, intaglio, lithography, letterpress.

Security data decoding process flow, flowchart

* Above diagram depicts the security decoded views of our brand protected products, or documents

Advanced Anti-Piracy, Anti-Counterfeiting Measures for Brand Protection

Together with the facilitation of package design in UV inks, infra-red inks, holograms, or halftone screens, hidden images embedded into the security feature will make the security features virtually bullet-proof and therefore greatly prolong the life span of the brand protection.

While the embedded images can be printed directly on product packaging boxes, they can also be printed on security stickers, security labels instead. Maximizing the usage flexibility, it is a very useful measures to fight product piracy, counterfeiting.

Security data encoded image
Encoded Image Showcase

* Left side - printed picture under sunlight

* Right side - embedded security data under our patented optical decoder

This solution offers state-of-the-art anti-counterfeiting protection, invisible to the naked eye and high-tech scanners.

Hidden images are embedded without costly changes, package design modifications, or any significant expenses.
  • Examples of which this brand protection security can be applied:
  • product packagings for high value consumer items; designer label clothings, cosmetics etc
  • product packagings for high value industrial items; automotive spare parts, electronics components etc
  • product packagings of which counterfeits are not acceptable; pharmaceutical products, memberships card. Lot number, date of production, or any other variable information can be easily embedded in real time into the hidden image on your label and printed
  • any kinds of formal certificates; training certificates, school certificates etc
  • other business documents, digital documents

Security Labels, Security Stickers, Packages with Security Features Printed

computer electronics spare parts memberships cards pharmaceutical product packages
By way of embedding hidden images into existing design artwork, or added as an additional security layer. This solution can be reliably implemented and printed by any printing technology: digital, offset, silkscreen, etching, flexography, gravure, holography, intaglio, letterpress, lithography.

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