Corporate annual report published in CD and DVD

annual report - cd or book

Is it a growing business trend that corporate annual report published in CD and DVD nowadays?

The answer has been pretty obvious.


Will companies in the near future only publish their annual reports electronically in order to save costs and minimize the environmental footprint?


A number of corporate are already distributing a vast majority of their annual reports on CD or DVD media, enclosed in some sort of cardboard disc jackets or sleeves, although they still do paper print for a small amount of copies, for the minority group that prefer physical copies.


Such approach eliminates the costs for large volume paper printing while still offer shareholders with hard copies. Furthermore, when it comes to distribution, posting a piece of CD inside a sleeve is far cheaper than posting a 100-page book to your registered shareholders.


The advantage of publishing annual report in CD or DVD doesn’t stay there. Imagine what you have to do if you are interested in ready particular sections of the annual report? or you have some keywords in mind that you want to look up from the annual reports?


If you have a paper report on hand, you probably will first look at the table of content and see it gives you some ideas. If not, you may have to flip through all the pages and look at the headings. It is pretty inconvenient, isn’t it?


What if you have got a electronic copies on a CD, usually in PDF file format? Simple. Just open it up. Try search and type in the keywords. There you go!


This is why we have been helping more and more clients to publish and distribute their annual reports in CD media.


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