Helpdesk on the cloud for business enterprise

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We have seen strong interests from small to medium business clients, both locally and regionally for helpdesk on the cloud solutions.


SaaS “Software as a Service” is the trend nowadays. Cloud computing model of business applications has obvious advantage over traditional purchase-and-run model. In short, there is no hardware nor software acquisition costs. Costs of use are well matched into operations. Heavy initial investment is not necessary. It is basically paid-per-use.


When there is no helpdesk solutions in place, businesses are manually handling customer enquiries, emails and complaints, mainly via email and phone calls. They lack an effective mechanism to track the issues and follow up with their customers. Some of them are suffering low customer loyalty due to poor and unsatisfactory customer services.


As such, we are preparing to launch a very cost-effective in a standard package for our business clients. It offers great advantages of our ticket helpdesk solution, coupled with live-chat on the cloud. This upcoming offering will greatly lower your operating costs when it comes to fulfilling your customer queries, and boosting their loyalty to your business.


Please stay tuned.

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