Ticket helpdesk with flexible email alert

email alert in envelope

We understand from our customers that they sometimes prefer to receive email alert upon certain situations happening.

  • When a new ticket is raised in the helpdesk system. Of course they will want to attend to it soonest.
  • When a ticket has been unattended over a certain period of time. If not handled well, your customers may get frustrated and businesses may leave.
  • When your customer has read your ticket responses and provide further feedback. Follow up fast will help to win your customer loyalty.
  • When a particular employee has a ticket assignment. Will it be good we buzz him/her with an email message so he/she will not overlook?


That is why our ticket helpdesk system provides flexible and configurable email alert.


Below is screen capture showing an automatic email message to the responsible team, upon a new ticket creation in the helpdesk system:

ticket helpdesk email alert for new ticket













And it is not just for your helpdesk team to receive system messages. Your helpdesk users, namely your customers, will also get automatic email notifications upon creating a new ticket, and whenever there is new response.


What if you want to put in your message format in all these email messages? Of course you can. Email alert template is fully customisable.

Firstly, we can re-word the message body. Secondly, we can provide your contact details at the message footer. Thirdly, we can change the footer logo.


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