why Super Jewel Box, or SJB in short?

super jewel box (king size)

We have had many customers asking us the same question again and again. Why Super Jewel Box (SJB)?

super jewel box, king and standard size

Here are Super Jewel Box (King size) which is the taller version. There is also a standard size which is the squarely version.







If you are still thinking it is just another “normal” type for CD or DVD, it can be quite wrong.

Super Jewl Box is a premium design by a European manufacturer, and it carries a worldwide patent. It is only legally manufactured and produced by authorized factories. Because of its superior material quality, crystal clear plastics, patented locking mechanism and overall durability, it is very popular and common for US and European entertainment producers and distributors to use it to package their movies, films, music, songs etc.

In Asia, consumers are the medium to big corporates or entertainment, movie or music producers who aspire to use only the best packagings for their CD or DVD contents.


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