Glossy Inkjet Printable DVD Recordable Disc

waterproof glossy inkjet printable dvd-r

Glossy inkjet printable DVD are ideal for small run DVD duplication jobs which demand super high quality and yet do not meet the minimum quantity requirements for DVD replication.


As we can see in the following sample pictures, the finished products are of high quality printing. Discs show vivid color printing. Design elements, color gradients do not present any loss of sharpness or clarity. And yet, this product is a cost-effective and feasible option for small quantity jobs, and short lead time requirement.


waterproof glossy inkjet printable DVD-R


The typical inkjet printable recordable disc usually carry matt finishing on top surface. On the contrary, glossy inkjet printable DVD have a glossy, shinny surface. And the printed colors on glossy inkjet printable DVDR are waterproof, meaning that colors will not smear upon water or moisture. Therefore, this is a significant advantage over the typical inkjet printable discs.


Key Specifications are:

  • 4.7GB of data or 120 minutes of video storage capacity
  • Water-resistant, waterproof disc surface
  • Full-color, high quality, inkjet color printing
  • Glossy, shinny disc top after printing


waterproof glossy inkjet printable DVD-R
waterproof glossy inkjet printable discs

waterproof glossy inkjet printable recordable disc

waterproof glossy inkjet printable recordable media


If you require such quality for DVD duplication work, talk to us.


Having said the above, our offset printing is also a great choice for those jobs which meet the 500 piece minimum requirement.

See the below for more samples.


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