On-premise, self-hosted web-based ticket helpdesk

on-premise vs cloud implementation

Why clients may still consider self-hosted, on-premise helpdesk for their businesses?


Our ticket helpdesk solution primarily runs on the cloud for most of our clients. It effectively minimizes the IT overheads and hardware investments for our customers. However, there are sometimes still cases where customers may need to consider self-hosted, on-premise installation of our helpdesk.


Why self-hosted?

Below are some of the typical reasons why organizations may prefer to run our helpdesk on-premise.

In such cases, they do self-hosting within their own server environment and network infrastructure.


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Hardware Server

Some corporate clients already have their hardware servers running on-premise and in-house. They therefore may prefer to leverage their existing IT capacity instead of using external cloud services and storage. Or they may also have their preferred cloud service providers.

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To large corporate, their IT team requires to have full control to the database. There are also the issue of data privacy which make it mandatory for them to self host all databases of all business systems in use.

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Clients may prefer to run our Helpdesk solutions within their own internal network only, instead of running publicly over the Internet.

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Corporate Compliance

There are corporate compliance or internal audit requirements that may restrict running any IT services on the cloud, or anywhere external to the organizations.



Having said that, running self-hosted, on-premise SaaS like a helpdesk solution will typically translate into higher operating costs. It is because the hardware maintenance and manpower overheads will have to be borne by the clients directly. Therefore, this is usually only considered by large scale organizations which have strong internal IT expertise, experienced technical personnel and sufficient IT resources.


Should you need to consider an on-premise Ticket Helpdesk solution for your business, talk to us.

We have strong experience in establishing self-hosted Helpdesk for some clients.


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