Staff collaboration is essential in efficient customer service

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Does your current practice allow staff collaboration in replying customers?


Still using email?

If your business receives customer feedback by email , and you have only 1 single staff to reply all customer emails, it sounds easy.

But what happens when this staff is on holiday or suddenly not coming to work due to illness or emergency?

Will other staff be able to log in to the same email and do all follow up?


If not, there is a bottleneck in customer service. Delays in response will often lead to poor customer satisfaction, resulting in decreasing customer loyalty, and sales drop. Staff collaboration is essential in efficient customer service.


Then you may think, get 2 staff to reply customer emails, they can cover each other. Fair enough, but how can they effectively work together, and avoid overlapping? Do both of them check and send using the same email account? Or use different email accounts? How do they collaborate and know who should answer which emails?


Very obvious, using email is often not the best way to facilitate effective staff collaboration.

Modern businesses need communication platforms which are simple like emails, but allow a team of multiple staff to work together, and everything should be transparent in a sense that the whole team can get involved and know what the others are doing. In this way, they can avoid overlapping and repeating each other’s works.


This will also naturally result in easy staff supervision. Senior management will be able to monitor how the staff team are responding to customers, are they being polite and friendly to customers? are they giving accurate and consistent answers? are they responding in a timely manner?


Helpdesk is a MUCH BETTER choice

Our incident ticket solutions at is designed right for this purpose.


Our solution is cloud based, no hardware and no software will need to be installed at staff machines. What is more, they can work anywhere as long as they are online! It is truly mobile, work anywhere, anytime.


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