Ticket Helpdesk Customisable Color Theme

helpdesk orange color theme

Color theme refers to the look and feel of the user interface of any system. If we only offer 1 standard website with one single skin or theme, it may not always fulfill our clients’ requirements.


It is simply because every industry is different, and every business is different as well. As a consequence, business often want their own unique presentation for their version of helpdesk. Some companies prefer dark colors, on the other hand, some others prefer light colors.


Consumers often associate brands with colors. Brand recognition is significantly boosted and increased when their corporate colors are used in their products and services.


Therefore, our retail business clients often prefer to follow their corporate color, or at least use eye-catching colorful designs.


For now, if a client prefers any particular color for their helpdesk portal, we are ready to offer customisable options. Depending on client business nature or corporate colors, they can choose a preferred color theme of their own.


Below picture shows how our helpdesk solution looks when it is in different themes.


helpdesk pure color theme animation


With features offered in our cloud-based helpdesk solution, we deliver higher staff productivity, lower customer support costs, faster response times, streamlined support service, customer self-service, increase customer satisfaction.


Feel free to discuss with us your requirements.

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