Why make disc image file for CD or DVD?

cd dvd disc image file, iso, nrg

Imagine you have a business CD or corporate video DVD which you want to send over to your overseas clients, or disc replicators for mass reproduction, is posting a parcel the only way?

Of course not.


CD image file or DVD image file is a single computer file which contains 100% all contents in the source CD or source DVD. It is an industrial standard for transferring CD or DVD master nowadays. Online data transfer across cities or countries, it is very safe, secure and standardized approach.


It saves time to transport the master disc physically, which can be days if it involves different countries. Also it saves courier express charges.

With Internet broadband, uploading and downloading of a 650MB CD is only a matter of 1 hour. Even for a 4GB DVD, it is probably less than 4-6 hours.

There are quite a number of other software applications you can use to create CD or DVD disc image file. ISO, BIN and NRG are very standard disc image file formats.



Nero is often included in newly purchased computers or laptop. So we have done a step-by-step guide using Nero software for such purpose.

Check out the below PDF:


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