Ticket helpdesk report PDF samples

report sample pie chart

Here below are 19 ticket helpdesk report PDF samples for preview. We have reports which can anytime be generated with real-time data, right from our ticket helpdesk web solution. Available file formats include PDF (document), HTML (web page) and XLS (Excel… Continue Reading

Ticket helpdesk brings high ROI

ROI calculator

For businesses which do not have any kind of helpdesk system in place, they often ask questions on potential ROI (return on investment). They sometimes are skeptical if such a helpdesk will improve their productivity at work. The answer is… Continue Reading

AI design templates: disc jacket and jewel case

design template

We offer DVD, CD replication and related packaging printing services to our business clients and musician customers.   Very often our replication customers will need our assistance to guide them on designs for CD, DVD and packagings like disc jacket,… Continue Reading

Listing on MSC Malaysia Website

msc malaysia product listing directory

MSC Malaysia Product Listing, as its name tells, its purpose is to connect the Internet community, global business users to the MSC Status Companies’ products and services.   Riding on the MSC Malaysia support facilities and marketing capabilities, we are pleased… Continue Reading