Secure connections by HTTPS for &

https with ssl certificate for secure connection in web browser

We are glad to update our customers that Wamp Multimedia Sdn Bhd has completed enforcing SSL certificates for our business websites starting early 2017. With implementation of secure connections, we are offering everyone increase online security when visiting our websites.… Continue Reading

General Purpose Ticket Helpdesk Solutions Explained

help button on keyboard

Do you still think “helpdesk” is only for IT department, or technical support or engineering services?   Some businesses are not clear what other operations or departments of theirs can benefit from having ticket helpdesk solutions in their organizations.  … Continue Reading

Support Request Portal for Cloud Helpdesk Solutions

support request portal user interface for mobile device

Starting 2017, to further streamline our after sales service and improve our technical support for the cloud helpdesk solutions customers, we have rolled out a re-engineered Support Request Portal.   Below is a screenshot of the mobile-friendly web site:   All our customers… Continue Reading